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Welcome to web pages about my pole vaulting activities. My name is
John Altendorf and I compete as a masters pole vaulter. Masters athletes compete in 5 year age groups. In March 2016 I moved into the M70-74 age group.

Below are links to results pages, and to videos of some major jumps as a Master.

This links to an accomplishments list.
at 2010 Outdooor Champs
Linfield Jenn Boyman Invitational
McMinnville, Oregon - Apr 2, 2016

This was at a Linfield College meet that allows individual, unattached athletes and was my first competition in the M70-74 age group. The second bar height clearance of 3.33m was 2cm above the current world record held by Robert Brown of Great Britain from 2002. This 3.49m clearance has been submitted for ratification as the new M70-74 WR.
(Thanks to Dan West for the video.) 

What do old vaulters do for recreation?   -    12/13/2014 
Don Isett and I were visiting our good friend Joe Johnston in Florida. Joe asked if we had ever done any trapeze work. We weren't sure what he had in mind but soon we found ourselves taking a lesson at a facility that trains athletes for circus performing. When we three old geezers showed up I think they were a bit sceptical, but we won them over in the end.

Not all goes well all the time for a masters vaulter.   -    Jun 17, 2013

This year started out great as indicated in the post below. However when I went to the National Championships in March I was plagued with leg cramps and it prevented me from performing up to my self imposed standards. That was a humbling experience.

Then, on April 11, while setting up a pole vault drill at the high school where I coach, I had an accident. I wasn’t vaulting so I wasn’t wearing my helmet. But while checking out the setup for the drill I lost control and fell back toward the runway. Unfortunately the pole vault pit is set up on a paved surface and front buns only extend to the front lip of the box. The back of my head hit the ground and I suffered a concussion. Although I have been told I am pretty hard headed, it was no match for the pavement. Because I don't have memory of what happened immediately before my head hit and for several minutes after, I have to hypothesize exactly what happened. No one actually saw the accident but there were people very close by who came to my attention quickly.

I was taken by ambulance to the emergency room at the hospital. They were concerned for possible neck and/or spine injury as well as internal bleeding in my brain. Fortunately none of the tests or the CAT scan found any severe internal problems. They were also concerned that maybe I had “blacked out” and then fell, in which case they worried something might be wrong with my heart. So I was on a heart monitor while in the hospital and for the first two days at home. But no problems were found. I only spent a little over a day in the hospital.

Except for the obvious issues of the external damage to my scalp, the most serious issue I have had to deal with has been vertigo and dizziness. That has subsided considerably. Now I only experience that when I move or hold my head in certain positions and I have learned how to avoid those positions or motions.

I have gradually done some conditioning building up to doing some actual vaulting from short approach during the past two weeks. So I'm on my way back, hoping to be as good as new sometime this summer.

2013 National Pole Vault Summit Reno, Nevada   -    Jan 19, 2013

I vaulted from 8 lefts on my 13'6" 155 pole gripping about 13'2". Both the 12'4" and 12'8" jumps were M65 world records.

(Thanks to Mark Vanderville for the video.) 

3rd Raising the Bar club vault
Springfield, Oregon - Feb 2, 2012

This was the first time this indoor season I vaulted from 7 lefts. I am on a 13'6" 150 pole gripping about 13'2". This 12'6" vault is my PB for the 2012 indoor season, so far. (This won't count as a record. I'll need to do it again at a formal meet.)

High Desert Classic
Bend, Oregon - August 13, 2011

It was hot, but we had a very nice tail wind most of the time. This 3.89m vault improves the M65 outdoor WR. I had trouble with my earlier vaults and wasted a lot of energy. So, my attempts at 4.00m were not very good. Here is another video of the jump in slow motion.

Oregon Track Club All-Comers
Eugene, Oregon - July 28, 2011

At Lane Community College, I made a season PB vaulting 12'9". Unfortunately there were not enough USATF officials available to certify it. So, without an official measurement, it can't count as a WR but I was pleased to have made the height.

WMA Outdoor World Champs
Sacramento, CA - July 22, 2011

This vault of 3.84m won the M65 age group and increased the WR.

Oregon Track Club All-Comers
Eugene, Oregon - June 30, 2011

On Hayward Field in Eugene, I vaulted 3.82m to capture the M65 outdoor world record (if only by a centimeter or two). (age 65)

Canadian Masters Indoor Champs
Kamloops, B.C. - March 26, 2011

This competition was a return to Kamloops, B.C.; a great indoor facility. I had just moved into the M65 age group 2 weeks earlier and this vault of 3.70 meters, or 12' 1.5", set the world record.  
(On Aug 28, 2011, Art Parry bettered this indoor record, vaulting 3.72m.)

Masters Outdoor Nat Champs
Sacramento, CA - July 24, 2010

Here I increased my M60 outdoor world record to 4.04m, or 13' 3". (age 64)

World Masters Indoor Champs
Kamloops, B.C. - March 2010

This vault increased my M60 indoor world record to 4.05m, or 13' 3.5". While waiting for the bar to be set to the record height, I took off my helmet. When the bar was ready, I forgot to put it on for this jump. (age 64)